Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Peoria Ilinois Senior Portrait Photographer, Summer Lynn | Morgan at Tanner's Orchard

Don't you just love the fall? There's something in the air that I think almost everyone catches...some kind of "fall fever" that beckons us to spend as much time as possible outdoors, go apple picking, admire the changing leaves and the crisp air, and, of course, feast on cider donuts. That last part might just be my personal favorite. So Morgan and I decided that the best place to do her photos would be someplace that had pretty much all of that (including the cider donuts). We headed to Tanner's Orchard and out we ventured into the U-pick area for red-apple-picking and pretty-picture-taking :) I had such a great time with you, Morgan!

(that last one there is a shout out to Morgan's boyfriend, with whom she was happily attending the homecoming dance later that evening) :)


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