Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Peoria Ilinois Senior Portrait Photographer, Summer Lynn | Morgan at Tanner's Orchard

Don't you just love the fall? There's something in the air that I think almost everyone catches...some kind of "fall fever" that beckons us to spend as much time as possible outdoors, go apple picking, admire the changing leaves and the crisp air, and, of course, feast on cider donuts. That last part might just be my personal favorite. So Morgan and I decided that the best place to do her photos would be someplace that had pretty much all of that (including the cider donuts). We headed to Tanner's Orchard and out we ventured into the U-pick area for red-apple-picking and pretty-picture-taking :) I had such a great time with you, Morgan!

(that last one there is a shout out to Morgan's boyfriend, with whom she was happily attending the homecoming dance later that evening) :)


Thursday, July 11, 2013

Chicago, IL Wedding Photography by Summer Lynn | Jessica + Tanner | "Overjoyed"

"And if you want, we'll share this life
Anytime you need a friend I'm gonna be by your side
When nobody understands you
Well, I do
So maybe let me hold you baby
Let me come over
I will tell you secrets God only knows
I cannot overstate it
I will be overjoyed"
 -Matchbox 20

    Jessica and Tanner's wedding was so full of all the things you DREAM of for your wedding day as a little girl: Best friends, Laughter, Family, Romance, Perfect weather (!), Charming Scenery... and your very own Prince Charming, too. The cool thing is that I actually knew Jessica when she was a little girl (does this make me feel old? Yes. Yes it does. Ok, I'm only 34, people. Not that old yet...)... So, it was an even bigger honor to shoot her wedding and see so many of her childhood dreams come true. And it felt like Destiny stepped in a bit, too. Jessica asked me to do her wedding long before I knew I would actually be moving with my family to her home state of Illinois just a few weeks prior to her big day! Jess,  I love that YOU were my first Chicago wedding; that will always be a special memory for me. 
    Jessica and Tanner have such a strong friendship. Jessica joked that they are basically the same person...two souls that were meant to be together in life. It was refreshing to see two young people with such a strong faith in God, who support each other every step of the way. And they are in looooove. The romance was just there, and so fun to capture in photos.
    The darling ceremony took place under a canopy of trees overlooking a beautiful landscape in Naperville, IL at the Stonebridge Country Club. And for those of you who love peonies (Like Myself. Ob.Sessed.) this wedding would have rocked your world because there were peony blooms absolutely everywhere. So many, in fact, that I got to literally create a bed of peonies for Jess and Tanner to lay on during part of our creative portraits time after the ceremony! So lovely and romantic! Photos from this wedding were also featured on Chancey Charm Weddings just a few weeks ago! Very exciting.
    I was also thrilled to have an old friend assist me for the day - someone I've known for years who also happens to live in the midwest these days: the lovely Ashley Brouder. You may have seen her here: one of my fave high school senior sessions of all time. (Those photos of Ash get about a dozen Pinterest re-pins per day, by the way. Gorgeous lady!) I was so glad to have her with me to help.
    Congrats to you both, Jessica and Tanner! It was a great privilege to capture your Day, and I am so happy for both of you.  I'm also happy that CHI-town (and you) are not too far away! Yay Illinois! :)